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The Homebrew Industrial Revolution
A Low-Overhead Manifesto

By Kevin Carson

This book explores the impact of dramatic technological and social changes on work and manufacturing. Kevin Carson uses real-world examples and theoretical insights to illuminate the conflict between two economies: one a highly-capitalized, high-overhead, and bureaucratically ossified conventional economy, the subsidized and protected product of sustained collusion between big government and big business; the other a low capital, low-overhead, agile and resilient alternative economy, outperforming the state capitalist economy despite being hobbled and driven underground. The Homebrew Industrial Revolution explains clearly and powerfully why the alternative economy is winning–and why we should welcome its victory.

1. A Wrong Turn
2. Moloch: The Sloanist Mass Production Model
3. Babylon is Fallen
4. Back to the Future
5. The Small Workshop, Desktop Manufacturing, and Household Production
6. Resilient Communities and Local Economies
7. The Alternative Economy as a Singularity

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