The Work Journal


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The Work Journal

By Tulsa IWW GMB, General Defense Committee (2012)



Keeping a work journal is your first line of defense, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Your employer has numerous documents for you, which may include: original application and resume, criminal background, credit checks, information from previous employers and personal references, driving record, attendance records, signed confidentiality agreements, training history and much more. So ask yourself: what documentation do you have about yourself and your employer? The purpose of this journal is to help even the playing field when it comes to documentation – but it only works if you use it. Create the habit of setting aside a few moments each work day to document what happened. A work journal is a powerful tool that serves to protect not only you, but your family and co-workers as well. In the event of future conflict between you and your employer, it could be a deciding factor in who wins. This journal will help to ensure that you do not enter that fight empty-handed. …”

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