The Ethics of Labor Struggle


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The Ethics of Labor Struggle (A Free Market Perspective)


By Kevin Carson

The technofascists, with Echelon, RFID chips, public surveillance cameras, and the like, have us under tighter surveillance at home than we could have imagined a generation ago; they have the globe under the closest thing to an unchallenged hegemony that’s ever existed in history. In their wildest dreams for the near future, the PNAC types probably imagine something like Ken Macleod’s US/UN Hegemony in The Star Fraction, enforced by a network of orbital laser battle stations capable of incinerating ships and armored formations anywhere on the Earth’s surface. But in Macleod’s story, that Hegemony was overthrown in the end by asymmetric warfare, fought by a loose coalition of insurgencies around the world. Their fluid guerrilla tactics never presented a target for the orbital lasers; and they kept coming back with one offensive after another against the New World Order, until the cost of the constant counterinsurgency wars bled the U.S. economy dry. …

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